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Why Leopard Print is a staple in my closet.

I know there are many of you out there that just love animal print, especially Leopard print, but you may be a little shy about wearing it in anything larger than a shoe or an occasional belt. I say.....GO FOR IT! Leopard print is most definitely a staple in this print happy lady's closet and I even sometimes wear it head to toe. I also like to pair it with other wild prints like Camo or florals. Dressed up or down, Leopard print is one of my favorite ways to let my wild side out.

There is nothing like adding some Leopard to my evening ensemble to to make me feel glam and pulled together.

If you're someone that really wants just a touch of Leopard then this outfit is calling your name. The tube top is a great addition under a blazer or even a jean jacket to give it that OOMPF that says HEY, I'm a little bit wild! Throw on your black, cropped jeans and you're making a statement!

The sandals have a Leopard print that is so subdued that you need to get up close to really see it, but they are so versatile that you can wear then with just about anything from shorts to jeans to any LBD that hangs in your closet.

I like to add a few designer items to my outfits on occasion, but you can throw on a butterfly broach or any kind of pin that you have in your jewelry box, add a nice belt and now you're jazzed up and ready for your spotlight!

I also like to pair leopard with things that most women have hidden away in their closet, such as t-shirts and hats. This easy, flowy Leopard print skirt is oh-so-Hollywood and nothing looks better with Chanel than Leopard print!! Am I right?? Seriously though, any cool T- shirt will look great with this skirt, just knot it at the waist and you're ready to roll. I always like to add a bit of drama so the hat is perfect and it's great for keeping the sun out of my face on those white hot Texas summer days. This bag is so super cute and a perfect addition. I got it years ago and it's a favorite but I will link some similar items here. The clear heels are so on trend right now and are a great addition so as to not draw attention away from the fabulous skirt.

Now if you really want to bring the Greta Garbo, super glam drama, put on a straight, super slim, Leopard print wiggle skirt. This outfit totally sells the sexy, powerful, strong woman vibe without trying too hard. It can go from boardroom to cocktails in no time flat but it's not for the wallflower types because in this getup, all eyes will be on you! Keep the shoe simple and the heel height below 3 inches and keep the accessories to a minimum. I've added a belt, some earrings, and a couple bracelets.

Now, not for the faint of heart, is the ALL OVER ANIMAL PRINT and I'm all about it!

The same flowy skirt from above is now paired with a matching high neck top to keep it sexy, but not too Pretty Woman. Here I've added black booties to keep it on trend and a belt to break up the pattern a bit (you can do no belt as well for a more sleek look) I added some simple earrings , a bracelet (Yes ladies, animal print) and a watch. I was on my way to having a wild night on my last cruise ship vacation. We dances the night away and I felt confident and sexy.

Whether you're a animal print pro or a novice, it is always a good idea to have some of this oft worn print in your closet. It can be worn spring, summer, fall, or winter, can be paired with just about any garment, and just adds that certain je ne sais quoi to everything it's paired with. Happy Hunting Ladies!


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