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Houndstooth - How to wear this classic print

Hello friends! Here we are, February 2021! Can you believe it? I am so ready for something to happen this year. Traveling, even if it's a weekend getaway to Dallas from here, is something that I am ALL about over the next several months. And one of the things lately that you're sure to find in my suitcase is a Houndstooth print.

It's having a major moment right now and I'm here for it.

Chanel did a women's tweed Houndstooth suit on the runway for spring, which in turn translates to all kinds of retailers jumping in with this fabulous print and then JLO showed up in DC for the Inauguration wearing this fabulous Houndstooth set and that sealed the deal.

Even if you're not a "print" kinda gal, this is one print that you can wear in small doses for a added dash of "Classically Chic" or you can go all in with this print and fully embrace it's elegance and attitude.

You can start with a hat. This Houndstooth Beret from Amazon is perfect to add a pinch of Houndstooth to your ensemble.

Simple black leggings, an Amazon favorite sweater, and these pull on suede OTK Boots can complete the look.

Or, just top this outfit off with this amazing Houndstooth coat, which I know you've seen before.

Another great way to wear this print is in the way of a dress. This first one is perfect for the cooler months because the material is heavier. I love the shape of this Houndstooth Dress as well. It's got a dropped peplum hem and balloon sleeves which give it structure and an hourglass shape when worn. This dress makes women in any size look sexy AND it's only $22.00!! I'm wearing a size Medium.

Pair it up with the coat and you're ready to make your entrance!

This Ann Taylor Houndstooth Dress can be worn as we start to warm up since it's made from a much lighter weight material. It also comes in Tall and Petite sizes so you have more options. The size of the print on this dress is much larger than the other I suggest minimal jewelry and a structured bag. It's also ON SALE for just over $60.00. Original price was $169.00.

Another way to wear this print is in the form of a sweater. I found this one on Shein and I love it. I love turtlenecks ad this sweater hits below the waist line, which helps to give the illusion of height. I'm wearing a Medium in this as well.

Paired with those same leggings, same boots, and this newly purchased bag from Amazon that is the same shape as the tremendously expensive LV bag for a quarter of the price. It also comes in a ton of color options so you're sure to find one that works for your color pallet.

As our weather starts to warm up and we move into spring this sweater would be great paired with white jeans and booties.

The sweater is only $23.00 so it's a great deal. Tons of style in one sweet sweater.

Worn together with the coat the combination is eye catching!

So many ways to wear this classic print, as well as so many ways to style even just one piece. I am excited to see how designers are going to incorporate this classic print in to some spring/summer fashions for us but trust me, as soon as I know, you'll know.

(NOTE: When ordering online from Shein be sure to allow for a little extra time for shipping as it's coming from China)

I hope everyone has an amazing February! I'm hoping that the hubs and I can take a short little getaway somewhere to relax, recharge, and refresh before spring arrives in March.

Have an amazing day!

Cheers! XOXO

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