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My H&M Haul

Hey lovelies! Hope everyone is fantastic. I'm in travel planning mode right now as we're getting ready for our RV adventure through Colorado so I've been on the hunt for a few new things to add to my RV closet and while out perusing shops the other day I came across H&M. For years I've been under the impression that H&M was a "younger woman's store" reminiscent of Forever 21, and that there would be nothing for me in there, but I happened in anyway, lured by the big S A L E sign plastered all over the windows, and boy am I glad that I did. I found three awesome pieces that I skipped out of the store with, happy to have my mind changed about this large European Shopping House.

Let's start with this dress. How I love thee......

I've said it before but it's so good that it deserves to be said again, I love me some sleeve drama and this gal brings it!!

Big, puffy, overly exaggerated sleeves and I'm here for it!

Now, sleeve drama aside, the print on this dress is so summery and reads oh-so- European vacation to me. I can see myself strolling along the Grand Canal in Venice or picking lemons in Naples wearing this fabulous print. Paired with these flat white sandals that are on major rotation, it's a perfectly chic combo and oh-so-comfy. I've added this cute rattan belt from Amazon that's like $13.00 and yes, she makes yet another appearance, my fabulous weekender tote.

Next party pants! Woo Hoo do I love these cute, vibrant, floral pants! They are SO bold, SO awesome, and SO Lisa Taylor!

These pants not only say..."I mean business", but they also say, "I'm bold and sassy!"

I've paired them here with my favorite linen babydoll cami from Express that comes in 6 colors. I am wearing the olive green one here which is regular priced but the Henna, White, Black, & Truffle Pink ones are on sale right now for $19.99. You could wear the white one with these pants and it would look just as amazing.

On my feet I've got this FABULOUS Jessica Simpson Wedge Heel in a fuschia pink, which is no longer available at DSW, but they are available in Orange, Cork, Black, or Snake Print. I will link some fuschia sandals HERE and HERE for you that are similar.

You can also make these pants a bit more Boss Lady by adding a white linen button down and some block heeled sandals. It's a smoother color pallet, less busy, and perfect for your work meeting or even that Zoom call with a client.

Styling tip: When I buy button down shirts I usually go one size up to give it more of a looser fit that can be half tucked, belted, or tied at the waist so that I have several styling options.

For a more budget friendly block heeled sandal, I have linked THESE and THESE both from Amazon, and either will work with this outfit. The pink quilted bag is a long ago purchase from Express but you can get a similar version on Amazon. Click HERE for the spendy version, and HERE for the budget friendly version.

Three AH-mazing buys from one Ah-mazing store. No matter what age, size, or color/print preference you have, H&M has something for everyone. See, you can lead a mature Diva to new places to shop! Great prices, wonderful fabrics, and they also have a sustainable brand that is made entirely out of recycled clothing. Earth friendly AND fashion forward?? Where have I been???

Have a cool, chic, fabulous weekend lovelies!

Cheers! XOXO

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