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Why I love Matchy-Matchy

Most people think that wearing a bold print from head to toe is a BIT much, but I'm not like most people! I LOVE matchy-matchy outfits; the bolder the print, the better.

Matchy - Matchy Prints From New York & Company

One of my favorites is this two piece set from New York & Company. First of all, the pants are awesome. I love the fit and the ankle crop lets me show off my heels. The top is sleeveless, so it's perfect for the summer heat, and the longer length keeps it flowy and sexy. For daytime, add a hat and some fabulous yellow earrings, and if it's an outside event, exchange your heels for some black sandals and you're ready to turn some heads.

I love to wear these pieces together but you can also rock these awesome pants paired with a ton of options on top. For a nice evening look, these pants look great with a black top like this one from Zara.

This is perfect for a night out with the gals or dinner & a show. With this kind of print, I like to leave the heel simple so this clear heel from Express is a great choice.

For something a BIT more conservative, thrown a black blazer over a black tank or camisole and you're ready for that Zoom Conference Call that turns into Happy Hour. This blazer and tank are from Zara. Any kind of print paired with an closet staple like a blazer automatically ups the game. I like to add a pin or a broach to give it that Je ne sais quoi.

Upping your print game is easy if you start with just a few pieces and incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Cheers Friends! XOXO

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