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Fashion Advice from a Diva

I ran across an article this morning titled "40 things you should stop wearing after 40" and although there were a few things mentioned that I agreed with, there were many that I don't so I decided that I would do my own spin on that sentiment and give you gals some of my fashion advice when it comes to dressing when you're of a certain age.

The first thing I want to say is that I don't feel women should ever dress according to age. I feel that lifestyle, experiences, and your budget are the key factors that affect how a women dresses so let's dispel with that age old "not for women over 50" malarkey and dress for ourselves.

The first thing mentioned in the article is that women over a certain age should never wear tube tops again. I say, if it's you, then it's a do.

This fab animal print tube top is so me, and worn as a layering piece, as seen here, it is totally chic and totally Lisa. Now, I wouldn't wear her with cut off shorts and flip flops out on the town, but with a simple black blazer, some chic cropped jeans, and an always in style, classic Dior bag, she will always be a "Do" in my book.

This particular top is from Zara and is sold out but this one Here, from Amazon is very similar and a super bargain.

The Black Blazer is a boyfriend cut, with no buttons, and ruched sleeves, and I got it at Express Here.

And these black flare crops with button detail are also sold out but I've linked a similar pair Here, (on sale for $35.00) and a pair of skinny ones Here.

The "designer inspired" belt that I have on was ordered from Etsy Here as well as the pin I'm wearing, which is linked Here.

Lastly, this Dior bag was a super splurge for me as I have never purchased, nor owned an expensive designer bag, but this gal...I couldn't resist so I bought her at Tradesy She isn't brand new, but she was well loved and I am so happy to have her now.

Now, on to the next item; underwear that doesn't fit properly. As we age our bodies change, sometimes tremendously (I've gained two cup sizes since the onset of menopause, much to my dismay, but to my husband's delight) and we have to adjust to those changes and clean out all that stuff that really just doesn't fit any longer. Toss those old, ill fitting undergarments away, and invest in a few pieces that are properly fitted, but that you still feel sexy in. And you know what that means ladies...BRAS! Our nemesis yet a must have.

So, let's start with our bras. I've been asked recently where to get a good, no slip, strapless bra for women that are large breasted. Well, I've got your answer; WearLively! This smooth strapless is comfortable, and won't slip.

Similarly, when it comes to underwear, there is no need to go all "granny panties" or anything like that. There are plenty of high waisted panties like These or These Boyshorts that give you coverage but don't look frumpy. Remember, fit is most important, followed by what works under your type of clothing.

Next up; revealing clothing. Now, the article mentions that starting at age 40, women should understand that when it comes to wearing revealing clothing, less is more. I say, that starting at ANY age, when it comes to celebrating a woman's body, showcasing one area at a time is where the fine line is between sexy, and overtly sexual. Let's take this dress for instance.

As mentioned above, my girls have increased in size in the last few years so now I have some cleavage that is worthy of a dress like this. The neckline dip is slight, and the off the shoulder look reads sexy, but not over the top.

When wearing something low cut up top, I always make sure that the length of my skirt is longer, like the midaxi length of this dress. It's flirty, and sexy, without crossing that line and at 56, I feel confident and beautiful wearing it.

Another good rule of thumb is that if you're going to wear something sheer, make sure you wear it as a layering piece and that you wear the correct undergarments with it. Sheer blouses are beautiful peeking out from under a blazer or cardigan, and that is a definite Do, but walking around with your undergarments showing underneath your sheer blouse is simply a Don't.

How to Wear Sheer

Don't Do this

Now, let's talk accessories. Nothing can make an outfit look worn out faster than a worn out handbag. We all have that one bag that we love and use over and over again, but if it's seen better days, it's time to toss it for a new bag that fits your lifestyle.

If you're the high end, luxury kinda gal, then invest in a great statement bag that can be for everyday use like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag.

These bags are great for traveling because they can be filled to the brim with all those travel essentials and you'll look stylish too.

If you're like me, when I need plenty of room in my bag, I've opted for this reversible one that I found at Amazon.

This one comes in an array of colors, is really two bags in one, comes with a removable pouch for lipsticks or loose change, AND is only $29.99!! So guess what, I bought two! It's also animal friendly as it's made with vegan leather.

Lastly, let's talk tailoring. Nothing says couture like a well tailored suit, jacket, or pair of slacks. If you have that jumpsuit that you love, but it's a bit long or too wide at the leg, taking it to a good seamstress will take that ill fitting garment to new heights. Getting that blazer nipped, or tucked, or having a pair of jeans hemmed to the perfect length is always a do, no matter what age you are.

Wearing clothing that makes us feel confident and sexy, strong and capable, yet totally fits into our lifestyle and taste is just a matter of figuring out who you are and at our age, we've probably achieved that by now right?

I say, toss aside those old stereotypes that say women of a certain age aren't supposed to look sexy, wear their hair long, or never wear a bikini again. I don't care if you're 25 or 55; if you feel you can rock a bikini...I say do it lady! More power to you!

Lisa Rinna Age 56 - Body Goals

Michelle Pfeiffer - Age 62

If you wanna wear your hair long, Do it! If you want to wear something sexy, ROCK IT GAL. Just make sure you have the appropriate, and properly fitted undergarments on!!!

Cheeers! XOXO

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