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Zebra Print as a Summer Staple

Some people may say that Zebra Print is only for the cooler months but of course, I don't agree. This summer I have stocked up on several Zebra Print items and this new swimsuit from Amazon is a MAJOR winner! Can I just say I LOVE IT!!!

First of all, it was only $19.99! Did you read that??? $19.99!! Secondly, I love that it covers everything, to include my WHOLE hiney. (That's a LOT 'o hiney)

Lastly, I LOVE prints and this one is no exception! It's a little bit wild, and a little bit conservative at the same time. A perfect combination for this 56 year old woman.

I've paired it here with this amazing cover-up that I got from H & M and they works so amazingly well together. This cover-up can be worn several different ways. Here, I've tied it around my waist like a sarong.

This weekender tote would be a great pool, beach, RV camping bag to tuck all your necessary belongings into and it looks oh so chic.

Here I have the cover-up pulled over my head and I like this look for a pool party or backyard soiree. When the temperature hits triple digits, you will be feeling cool and looking chic wearing this zebra print ensemble.

Tied around your waist, or worn in a poncho style this cover-up gets my vote every time. I love it so much, I bought it in black as well!! Click HERE to pick up the black one.

There are several styles of this Zebra suit on Amazon, so I will link the ones that I like Here, Here, Here, and Here.

There is nothing over $35.00 with most of them under $20.00 so look through the links and find the right style for you. The cover-up will work with any of the styles that I've linked.

Here's to pool days and time with friends!

Cheers! XOXO

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