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The Absolute Best OTK Boots are on Sale!

Hello Ladies & Gents! I'm coming at ya from Abilene Texas and it's 107 degrees outside, so believe me when I tell you that thinking about fall weather seems far removed from reality, but it will eventually get here and when it does you'll want to be ready. That's why I wanted to share this sale with you as soon as I got the notification.

I discovered the site Goodnight Macaroon last fall when an Influencer that I follow gave me the heads up about these boots. so, let me tell you why I LOVE these boots.

First of all, they come in three color choices; but my favorite are the Tan Marlo OTK Boot.

They call her "tan" but she's not really what I would call tan. She's more of a rust or, if you'll allow me a bit of indulgence, I would call them "Burnt Orange" which is why I chose them first. I thought how wonderful they would be to wear to all the Texas Longhorn home games and I was right, they are perfect for that!

The other thing that I LOVE about these boots is that they actually stay put once you pull them on. No tugging or grabbing at the top seam to keep them up where they are supposed to be; which is just above the knee.

They have a low, block heel, which makes walking in them a breeze, even for the most heel challenged folks.

They come in two other colors as well,

A beautiful Taupe, and of course the always versatile Black.

Here is a photo from last fall of me wearing the Taupe OTK Boots. These were purchased after I realized how amazing these actually were. I even went so far as to send a thank you message to the Influencer that led me to the site.

These boots are 30% OFF right now using the Code PREFALL2020 and if you're new to the site you'll also get an additional 20% OFF your first purchase!! How stinkin cool is that?

Now, for the sweaters above. Let's talk about the Striped Cardigan first, which is from Amazon and it's so versatile because of the lightweight fabric, so in other words, perfect for fall in Texas! I typically order a size medium because I like my sweaters to fit loosely.

The second sweater is from Goodnight Macaroon and it's FABULOUS! The Waffle Weave sweater is a fav because of the over-sized fit and the sleeves! Ya'll know I LOVE me some sleeve drama!

So again, the entire site is 30% OFF right now with the Code PREFALL2020 and for all you first time buyers to the site, you'll get an additional 20% OFF so that's a whopping 50% OFF for these AH-mazing, must have boots! You're welcome!

We are heading home tomorrow and I as much as I have loved this trip, I am ready to be home. I miss all my gals and my big, deep, bathtub, which I will be getting into exactly 8 1/2 minutes after I walk in the door.

Happy Shopping!

Cheers! XOXO

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