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One Amazing One Piece - Worn 5 Different ways

Hey guys and gals! It's Monday again and that means I'm blogging, blogging, blogging. Today I am going to introduce you to my latest Amazon Fashion obsession, and show you how to style it 5 different ways!! I love to have options and for my upcoming RV Trip, we will have limited space so I will have to dream up all kinds of styling ideas to give me options, but not take up too much space. Ladies, meet the perfect one piece swimsuit.

First off, I love the full coverage in back that this suit has ( I can't say this enough ladies) and the criss cross back straps help it give me great support for the girls too! For reference I am a C cup, am 5'8, and weigh 140 lbs. I wear a size small in this suit. Secondly, the cutouts, although very small, are very flattering and give the illusion of a smaller waist. (SCORE!)

This suit comes in 23 different colors & patterns and I now own 3 of them!

It looks great pool side, or hanging out on a boat, and will be flattering on most body types. Here, I've tied on a black sarong that you can pick up pretty much anywhere, but of course I've linked one HERE for you. The bag, also Amazon, will be coming with me on our trip as well and will be used as my day bag. We will pack it full of snacks, a blanket, sunscreen, the dogs leash and toys, and probably a bottle of wine for all the day time adventures we will be taking on our bikes.

Now, I'm going to show you how this suit can take you from the pool to the party with just a few additions.

These fabulous satin cargo pants are perfect to pull on over this suit to jazz it up. And up top, throw this animal print kimono on over your shoulders and you're ready to hit the town. Add a pair of low heels (the pair linked is only $17.99) and you're styled to perfection.

When Cruising is a thing again, I see this going from the pool during the day, to the casino tables at night. Taking a beach vacay? This goes from beach time to boardwalk time in no time....

Next up.....a little more of a "dressed for dinner" type outfit. The type of an outfit that can only be accomplished with ..... you guessed it, a blazer! Come on now, if you've been following my blogs then you know I LOVE a good blazer and feel that it just elevates any outfit you put with it, and these fabulous satin cargo pants and black swimsuit are no exception.

Now, any black blazer will work here, but I've linked this specific one HERE. I like it because it's lightweight enough to be worn on a Texas summer evening without making you break out in a full menopause like sweat. These exact heels aren't available anymore, but I've linked a couple that will look great with this outfit HERE (for $12.99) and HERE ( for $14.99)

Of course, I've had to bling it up a bit with arm candy, a brooch, and my GG Belt. This outfit means business so she is ready for date night with your love or a night on the town with your gal pals. Be sure to order a cosmopolitan, cause this ensemble is VERY Sex & the City.

And finally, this suit can be the star of a cool, rocker style vibe, whether it's a hot summer night, or a cool autumn evening.

To achieve this look, simply pull out that much worn, crop style leather jacket, or in this case, faux leather. Faux leather is much more light weight and is more appropriate for a warm summer evening that turns into an evening spent in air conditioning. When concerts are a thing again, I see me wearing this outfit to ACL Moody theater. The black booties have a platform so they are really easy to walk in, but if high heels aren't your thing, simply put on a pair of block heeled booties like THESE and you'll be rockin this vibe no problem.

Add some jewelry and a cool black crossbody bag, and you're ready to dance the night away!! ( Cue Hot Blooded by Foreigner )

There ya go ladies....5 ways to wear this fantastically stylish one piece swimsuit. You're welcome!

Have an amazing week!

Cheers!!! XOXO

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