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News From The Road Day Three

Good morning everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekend thus far. We arrived in Walsenburg, Colorado yesterday evening just as Rob Lowe was winding up the tale of his life thus far in "Stories I only Tell My Friends", and we set up camp for the next two days. The park that we are staying at, Lathrop State Park, has camping, boating on one of the two lakes, hiking, and it also boasts a 9 hole golf course that the hubs immediately tells me he plans on playing while here.

We will also be getting the bikes out for our first ride of the trip and I'm excited about that because it will be the first time for me to take out my new Hotebike Hybrid E-Bike.

Roger is a long time biker and I am new to the sport. I've been a runner most of my adult life, until a third knee injury just before retiring from the military put that pass time in the past for me. Now, for my cardio I have been relegated to fast walking, spin classes, or the odd elliptical machine here & there but since our wedding two short years ago, my husband has been determined to get me on a bike with him. My initial thought was that because of my lack of experience, I would hold him back but, this little gem will help with that because it can be peddled or I can turn on the battery and it becomes an electric assist bike. GREAT for going uphill or trying to stay up with my near professional biking husband.

The golf course here is set against a beautiful backdrop of the southern most part of the Rocky Mountains. The cool breeze and altitude make for none of that sweat producing Texas humidity and I'm here for it.

While the hubs hits golf balls, Berkeley and I are sitting here on the patio, on the edge of the first green, writing and people watching and it's so serene and quiet, save for the odd mix of kiddos that seem to come and go with a timed precision, nary a parent in sight.

There are tons of campers here. We were told upon our arrival that there are no reservations available in this park for the next three weeks so we are lucky to have been able to get one for these two nights. Apparently, the thing to do this summer is hit the road in your RV. Look at us, we are part of the cool crowd! :)

Sitting here, with this view and this wide expanse of mother nature before me, it feels so far removed from all the happenings in the world. You' could easily forget that there happens to be a dangerous pandemic occurring across the globe, or that in less than 90 days we will be participating in an election that could easily be the most important one of my life. It's just me and the mountains, the fresh air, and my little dog, and I am reminded that exactly why we came, and more importantly, exactly what I needed. I can almost forget why I brought this laptop with me, but let's steer this blog back to business for a moment.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be starting in just a couple days, with the bulk of you being able to start making purchases on August 13th. I am super excited to start my holiday shopping and being in these cooler temps just makes it feel so much more like the holidays are right around the corner. Here are a couple more things that I will be purchasing come August 13th.

This Topshop Faux Leather Biker Jacket is Texas fall personified with it's white color and chill, laid back vibe. It's got all the cool zippers, it's faux leather, so it's animal friendly, and it can be yours for a really cool price.

Sale Price $49.90 After Sale $88.00

I love the camel color of this Topshop Long Cardigan and seriously, in Texas, the only things you really need for warmth is a long, snugly cardigan sweater.

Layer it over camisoles, tank tops, or short sleeve tees and you are ready to go.

Sale Price $49.90 After Sale $75.00

On that odd occasion that we do get some seriously cold weather in Texas, or for when you're traveling to wintry places, this Free People Chunky Sweater is the right topper.

I usually buy these types of sweaters one size bigger than usual as I like them to fit over-sized. Pair this with some sleek, sexy black faux leather leggings and boots and no outer layer is needed. It comes in 4 colors so you're sure to find one you can incorporate into your winter wardrobe.

Sale Price $ 69.00 After Sale $108.00

I've said before that I love accessories, and in the fall & winter I make room for scarves. They are a great statement piece to jazz up an otherwise boring or simple tee & jeans look, and you can experiment and design your own unique style on how to wrap it. This Treasure & Bond Print Scarf has a great, vibrant color and is a nice, large size, which is great for wrapping.

Sale Price $29.90 After Sale $45.00

My serene writing spot has now been overrun by men gabbing about the intricacies of hanging drywall, the probability of the NFL getting to play this season, and the trials and tribulations of playing golf when you're a senior. So much for more blogging today.

So, to wrap it up, I need to squeeze myself into my too tight biking shorts, a gift from the hubs two Christmases ago, hence, the tightness (note to self: purchase a new pair in Pagosa Springs tomorrow) and get some exercise in after having spent the better part of the last three days looking through a windshield.

Enjoy your Sunday Lovelies!

Cheers! XOXO

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