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News From The Road - Day 23

Good Morning everyone! Are we ready for August to be over yet?? The heat, the weird Basketball games, the constant Covid numbers updates. I'm so over 2020 but, we still have the last quarter of the year to get through so let's make the best of it shall we?

When last I left you we were heading for the Crested Butte area. On our drive we passed a huge lake that I had to snap a picture of.

It's the Blue Mesa Reservoir and it is just pristine and beautiful. We were lucky to have such clear skies that day which made for a wonderful drive.

We made our way to Gunnison to the RV Park that we would call home for the next two days and got settled in. Soon enough we were on the hunt for some food so we made the 20 minute drive to Crested Butte for a late lunch, sighseeing, and shopping.

In the off season, Crested Butte is a flurry of activity to Mountain Bikers and ATV riders. Apparently the sport of Mountain Biking originated in Crested Butte, which was news to me but when there is no snow on the mountain, there are bikers everywhere.

As we strolled down the main avenue in the center of town, I marveled again at the fantastic weather. This really is why we came to Colorado and thus far, it had not disappointed us.

It's a really cute town, bustling with locals and visitors alike. Many people had dogs so Berkeley was in good company.

We found a cute shop and I popped in to do some shopping and while inside I discovered that it was also a wine store and there was the cutest back courtyard with seating for perhaps 10 people total. They said that Berkeley was welcome and so we sat down, had a Charcuterie board and some wine, and to our delight, about 20 minutes later a guy walked into the courtyard with a guitar and started to set up to play.

Shopping, wine, and some much missed live music, all in all, I'd say a good day in Crested Butte. We made or way back to camp and did a bike ride through the area of Gunnison to look for a good spot to have dinner. Literally, just around the corner from our RV Park was a cool looking spot called Garlic Mike's.

Nestled along the Gunnison River, Garlic Mike's has transformed their restaurant space into a highly sought after destination. Pre-Covid, they had a great set up, but now that dinning outside is the preferred style, they have jacked it up a few notches.

In the back of the restaurant they have a large tent set up with several tables just off the back exit. To the left of that they have another large tent set up with tables & chairs and as an added bonus, chandeliers hang throughout and there are flower pots strewn about. It's very cozy and chic at the same time. We were shown to our table and it just so happened that we were the only guests in the tent at the time. Check out the video I took of how cool this place is.

A fabulous meal was had and we thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere. By the end of the evening the place was flurry of activity so if you plan to be in Gunnison any time soon, make plans to eat here, but I also suggest that you make reservations.

We left Crested Butte the next day and made our way to Canon City, which is a great area for White Water Rafting so of course, we did.

First though, we went to see the Royal Gorge.

Unfortunately, by the time we made our way there, the skies were hazy from several wildfires that had been burning for a few days over the mountain range and my photos just didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, but here is a shot of the bridge itself and of the red cable car that will take you over it to the other side if that is your thing.

And then on to the rafting. We booked our half day of rafting at the Royal Gorge Rafting Company and they have the whole deal down to a science. We arrived and picked up our gear and then after a safety briefing and bus ride later we were at the banks of the Arkansas River ready to meet the other 4 patrons as well as our guide. We were paired up with four boys going to school at UNC on visas from Nepal. Needless to say, over the course of the next three and 1/2 hours, we had a blast!

After the rafting we went and rescued the pup and then had a bite at the restaurant that the company owns as well. After a burger as big as my head I was ready to call it a day. I have never done white water rafting so that was another new thing for me and so much fun.

We are heading over to Colorado Springs next to see Seven Falls, the Garden of the Gods, and of course, Pike's Peak. We may even throw in a golf game.

Until then.....Cheers!


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