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News From The Road - Day Five

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a good first week of August thus far. We are happy to be out of the oppressive heat, and on that note; we pulled into Pagosa Springs, Colorado Monday around noon and got our camp set up straight away.

We're staying at the Pagosa Riverside Campground which sits right along the San Juan River. It's picturesque and sits low in a valley so in the evening it gets pretty chilly; this Texas had to bust out a blanket!

There are all kinds of things to do just in the RV Campground. You can fish or swim, and there is a game hall with Horse Shoe pits set up, or if you prefer, a Ping Pong table. Showers, and laundry services are available to all campers, as well as WiFi, which for me is huge.

After getting the camp set up, I immediately got the laptop out to try an reserve a time for us on Tuesday at the Hot Springs but was told that this is the slow season so no reservations were needed. Well, slow season, and COVID.

They informed me that all necessary precautions were being taken to ensure everyone's safety. Social distancing practices were in place and no two sets of people would share any one pool at any one time.

The Springs Resort & Spa is beautiful. It sits perched up on a big hill overlooking the San Juan River and along all of the natural hot springs. And when I say hot I mean hot. The water is hot tub warm, like 105 to 110 degrees bubbling up out of the ground. After witnessing the crowds (she said slow season) we decided to hang out in the river bed portion just below the Resort so that we could also have Berkeley with us. The contrast in water temperature between the river and the natural springs is stark however; with the San Juan running about 60 degrees if not cooler. I dipped in a toe. Too cold for me although there were many folks who were floating the river in tubes and happily chatting away.

After the springs we explored the downtown area. Everyone on the street had masks on or around their necks so as to have easy access upon entering any establishment. Masks were required everywhere.

We did some shopping, I bought a new hat for myself, (sunglasses chain linked on photo) it felt apropos for this trip, and after a few hours we inquired about a good lunch spot that would provide outdoor seating as well as allow dogs. We were directed to the Pagosa Brewing Company.

The Brewery had a HUGE back area set up for social distancing and a special area for folks with dogs. We ordered some drinks and shared some pulled pork nachos, which were exceptional. If ever in the area, I highly advise dropping by.

After lunch the hubs wanted to play golf so we dropped off the pooch and went to the Pagosa Springs Golf Club.The course is just beautiful, with mountain vistas and several large water features. Large flocks of geese were running loose on the course and as the hubs played his nine holes, I sat in the cart, enjoying the view and reveling in the cool mountain breeze and almost zero humidity. It was, a perfect afternoon.

Here are the links for the Brixton Hat and the Animal Print Duster (which by the way, I received several compliments on) and my favorite Express Babydoll Cami (that is on sale again) that I wore at the Golf Course.

All in all, a great day was had in Pagosa Springs by the entire Taylor clan. We are hitting the road this morning to head to Durango where we will be for 5 days. More updates to follow.

In the mean time, don't take any wooden nickels, wear your masks, and squeeze your loved ones hard.

Cheers Lovelies! XOXO

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