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News From the Road - Day 17

Well hello everyone! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I understand that back in Austin it has been pretty hot for the last couple weeks so we sure are happy to be in Colorado where it's been a nice, bearable 85 or so with no humidity. (Don't hate!)

Our last day in the Ouray area was a phenomenal one to say the least. We decided to do a Four Wheeler Tour through the mountains and it gets added to the list for top ten amazing things I've ever done in my life. The tour company was incredible and took every precaution for Covid (a vehicle that typically holds 12 people was reduced to 6 with two people per row seating)

We ended up doing the Yankee Boy Basin tour which is known for its famous waterfalls, wild flowers, and mining ruins. We also did a bonus tour that included a trip to the Governor Basin.

This trip traverses a huge variety of terrain and scenery that others tour companies miss. These basins connect via jeep road to Yankee Boy Basin but are far less traveled.  

Our guide was an expert in the area and was fantastic about taking us to see the best scenery and I can't even describe to you how beautiful so I will just post some photos here.

One notable stop was at the Coors Waterfall. If you've ever seen a Coors Beer commercial or drank a can of it, then you've seen a photo of the waterfall that is in all their advertisements. Well, this is the waterfall.

If you're not a fan of heights (like me) then this will definitely test your resolve as the roads and pathways are narrow and sometimes right on the edge of very steep, very high, craggy slopes. I sat in the center seat so that I wouldn't get overwhelmed with the situation, and it helped tremendously. (And sometimes I just closed my eyes) But boy was the trip worth the anxiety I felt. What we were able to see, to say the least, was magnificent.

The waterways, the mountain florals, and even the mountains themselves, were so majestic and intimidating at the same time, that there is no way you couldn't understand why people love to call this part of Colorado home.

The tour takes you up to 12,150 feet and it's a magical journey the entire way. At the top you get out and take photos, breathe in the very thin air, and just really take it all in.

Or, act like a goof ball, like I did! It really was awesome and something I would gladly do again.

 When you book let them know what you are most interested in seeing in the time provided and they will customize your experience.   I highly recommend this when in the Ouray area.   

Since leaving Ouray we have moved to a town just north of Montrose called Olathe. I can attest that there isn't a whole lot to see in Olathe other than a charming RV Park that sits right smack dab in the middle of the community so it has ALL THE THINGS that a gal like me could want. WiFi, laundry rooms, a shower, cable TV service, and tons of trees and nice grass for the pooch.

We got settled in and spent the first evening cooking, sipping wine, and mapping out what we would do over our four days int his area.

On the list, a golf game for the hubs, a tour of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, a day in Crested Butte, and a day of hiking and biking in the area.

As I write this, I am sitting at my fifth golf resort since starting this trip, each one a delightful experience honestly, as I get to sit outside, work on my laptop, catch up on things in the world, and spend some time alone (which on an RV trip, you'll come to see is a must at times)

That's gonna do it for me today folks, with the exception of two small things. I would be remiss in my title as a "Influencer" if I didn't tag a couple of items so.....

My tour ensemble included these fab Michael Kors Combat Boots that I picked up over the summer. They are fashionable and sturdy, a not oft seen combo when you're talking about combat boots.

The Cropped Denim Jacket was an Amazon find and depending on which wash you want, it runs from $13.00 to $29.00. A absolute steal!

Last but not least, these amaze sunglasses and this sunglasses chain.

The Sunglasses are from Quay, the on trend Australian company and they are part of the NSale going on now. Typically $65.00, they are on sale for $42.00.

And the Sunglasses Chain was picked up on Amazon and it comes in a multitude of colors. At $11.98 a piece, I picked up a few.

The hat was picked up in Durango just because. :)

Okay lovelies, happy shopping!

Until next time......

Cheers! XOXO

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