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News From The Road - Day Ten

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Good Morning everyone! I know, it's been a minute since you've heard from me but we've done some serious windshield time, some wireless connection hunting, and then had to set up camp in a bit of a difficult spot but I've got so many great things to share with you about the last few days so let's get started.

Straight out of the gate, we are now in the Ouray / Ridgeway / Telluride area of Colorado. Since the last post, Durango was our home base for two more days and we enjoyed each and every moment of it. Durango is a place where, depending on what you want to do, you could keep busy for a week with no problem, and we did. When last we left off, Roger & I were enjoying an amazing meal at El Moro in downtown Durango and it ended up being a place that we frequented often while staying in Durango because they allow dogs on the patio, they have great service, and they have some pretty awesome food as well.

On our last day in Durango the hubs was jonesing for some golf time so he made a reservation at the Dalton Ranch Golf Club and Berkeley and I went along with him. This course is a sight to behold, nestled at the base of the mountains, with amazingly green fairways and even greener greens. No August hot burned grass here folks! The course, although picturesque, was tremendously challenging apparently and Roger didn't fair so well even though, at this altitude, one would imagine that the balls would fly farther.

Berkeley watching Dad on the 18th green

All in all, Berkeley and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and 75 degree breezes while Roger struggled on the course. After his game we enjoyed a wonderful meal at the club on the patio and they had no problem with Berkeley joining us.

The next day we set out for our next camp site, which is about 20 minutes outside of Ouray, 15 minutes from Ridgeway, and 40 minutes from Telluride, but before we get to our current accommodations, let's talk about the drive from Durango to here.

We went out on HWY 550, otherwise known as The Million Dollar Highway, and for good reason. This road is as beautiful and majestic as it is treacherous and terrifying.

According to Wikipedia, "This stretch through the gorge is challenging and potentially hazardous to drive; it is characterized by steep cliffs, narrow lanes, and a lack of guardrails; the ascent of Red Mountain Pass is marked with a number of hairpin curves used to gain elevation, and again, narrow lanes for traffic—many cut directly into the sides of mountains."

Needless to say, very few photos were taken, save for this shot I got of us approaching Silverton. Nestled in between two major peaks, Silverton sits in the valley and was once a major train depot stop, but now it's full of cute shops and restaurants, so we decided to get off the winding road and check it out.

While there we ate a lite lunch and then went exploring and came upon Mr. Bill who owns a Stage Coach and he offered to take us on our very first ever Stage Coach ride so why the heck not right?

He said we could bring Berkeley along and so we viewed the old mining town of Silverton from the small windows of the Stage Coach.

There isn't really a whole lot to see as it is a pretty small town outside of the main avenue where all the shops and restaurants are. It was kitchy and fun, and we enjoyed our ride and Mr. Bill's company.

After Silverton we got back on the winding, crazy, beautiful road and made our way to Ouray and then finally, to our new home base at Ridgeway RV Park, about 20 miles outside of Ouray.

This RV Park is located sort of in between Ouray, Ridgeway, and Telluride so it seemed like a good place to stay for 5 days. On our first night, we sat on the rooftop deck and had dinner at a Brewery in Ouray , but had to leave Berkeley at the camper because this town wasn't really set up for outside dinning like Durango was. However, just like in Durango, everyone wore masks and seemed accepting of the social distancing situations on the streets and in the shops and diners.

The next day we decided to take a drive up to Telluride and spend the afternoon. Just like the drive from Durango, the drive up to Telluride is a visual experience. The San Jaun Mountains are graggy and breathtaking and I could only imagne what a visual treat it would be to make this drive when the mountains had snow covering them. Though the San Juans are extremely steep and receive much snow, so far only Telluride has made the transition to a major ski resort.


We got to Telluride and decide to start at the top so we rode a free gondola up to the Village at Base Camp. We were happily surprised that they would allow dogs on the Gondola so Berkeley had another first; her first Gondola ride.

She's fearless and didn't miss a beat about the height, however, as much as I enjoy the view, I never look straight down.

We spent another hour or so exploring Telluride at the bottom of the mountains and I did a bit of shopping. All in all, Telluride is a pretty town, but the shops are extremely expensive.

Our second to last day here has been spent catching up on work, getting Berkeley into a groomer for a bath and trim, and getting fun things done like laundry and grocery shopping. We have a Four Wheeler Tour scheduled for tomorrow, if they have a cancellation, and if not then we will do another golf outing in Ridgeway.

On Saturday morning we hit the road heading to Montrose and out first stay in a hotel. As much as I love the RV; a huge bed, large shower stall, and some room service is what I'm talkin about!!!


Next update will be from the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Cheers! XOXO

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