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My Patio Makeover

Welcome to my new patio!! Since March we have used this patio more than ever and I wanted to give it a refresh and take it from Flamingo Festive to Cabana Chic. I knew I wanted a black & white theme so I took to the internet and started my search. I was going to replace the outdoor curtains, some pillows, the rug, and a few decorative items. I also picked up this awesome weekender bag because it caught my eye and I figured it would be great for our upcoming RV excursion.

I am a HUGE fan of pillows (much to my husband's chagrin) but I hate how much pretty patterned pillows cost so I got on Amazon and found a bunch of pillow covers so that I could just switch out the decor when I wanted without buying a bunch of new pillows and without spending a whole lot of cash. These covers were perfect for my new Cabana Chic theme. They come in a pack of four (the others are seen in the last photo) and exclude the Letter T pillow cover, which I bought seperately and will link HERE for you. A buying tip for pillow covers; make sure you measure your pillow so that you order the correct size. Nothing like trying to cram a 20 x 20 pillow into an 18 x 18 pillow cover.

The curtains were also from Amazon and I simply searched for Black & White striped curtains. These are for outdoor use and are exactly what I wanted. Very old Hollywood, very Casablanca!

I went to link them and discovered that currently, these exact curtains are sold out however Amazon has others that are very similar, so I've linked those HERE.

Here is the second set of pillows along with a ribbed cream colored one that is a 20 x 20 size cover. They come in a pack of 2 and you can get seven different sizes and 21 different colors so these will fit the bill for most people. If you have ANY pillows in your house that have seen better days, simply purchase a couple of these covers and wa-la, brand new pillows.

The rug is also from Amazon and I found THIS one that I really liked but there are so many to choose from on Amazon. This black serving tray and the candles I picked up during a Home Goods walkthrough (who doesn't LOVE Home Goods?!) and they were the perfect finishing touches that I needed. So now the Patio makeover is complete and I am ready to spend some time out there with my girl gang, sipping wine and sharing stories.

Once the holidays come around I'm thinking a black & white themed Christmas tree and all the trimmings on the patio would look amazing!! (Starts to search for black and white ornaments on Amazon)

Cheers ladies! XOXO

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