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My Home Office Makeover

Hello everybody! Hope everyone is enjoying the semi-cooler weather; well, that depends on where you're reading from and hey, BTW - Hit that COMMENT tab at he bottom of my blogs, and tell me where you're reading from. I welcome interaction here. Tell me what you like, what you don't like, what you want to see more of, or just plain tell me to shove off if that's how you roll. Either way, interacting with you would be wonderful, so tell me where you are and perhaps, how you found me.

ANY- whoooo back to the task at hand, my office. Now, I've had a spare room in my home set up as an office for about a year however, it's become clear that I needed something that would double as a photography studio for me as well for those rainy days or when I just didn't feel like taking my selfi-stand and getting some shots done outside.

So, things needed to be rearranged so that I could fit in not only a clothing rack that will house my newest arrivals to shoot, but also a full length mirror that I can use for photos.

So first, let's talk about the clothing rack. I wanted something that I could put some of my newest purchases on, separating them from my "everyday" closet so that I wouldn't forget to photograph those items. This clothing rack from Amazon is the perfect size for the wall space that I had available and it also has a bottom shelf that is great for displaying shoes and bags, and hooks for hats, etc.

The purchase of this White Lacquer Writing Desk was the perfect starting place for my overall vision in this room. I wanted it to be all black & white with layers of texture and just a simple, chic vibe. I actually started by painting my walls with this gorgeous black paint called "Lincoln Black" from Lowes, and that really set the stage for the addition of all the white pieces. I know that a ton of folks are leery of painting walls in a room black as it can make the room feel smaller however; if done correctly, black walls can add a level of chic to any room. It's really all about the accessories ya'll!

Here is another look at the desk. The White Office Chair is also a purchase from Amazon. The Zebra Print Slipper Chairs were a fantastic find and fit right in with my vision. And how about these awesome Chanel "dupe" pillow covers?? Divine

These fabulous Safavieh Lamps were another great find at Walmart of all places! They are usually $103.99 but are on sale right now for $88.67 each.

While perusing the Walmart aisles I came across several White Ginger Jars of varying sizes that I knew would be great sitting atop the console so they were put into my basket as well.

The Prada Marfa and Chanel artwork are both from Amazon.

This White Mirrored Console is amazing. It's from Home Depot and it comes in three pieces so you can have just the two-door center piece in one area and then separate the two ends into side tables for something else. I absolutely love this piece and it neatly hides all of my folders and photography equipment.

When my full length mirror arrives I will add a photo and make an update to this blog so stay tuned!

I'm really excited about this space. It makes me feel very zen and creative as I work to add my small mark on the world. All the white makes it feel very clean and fresh, while the dark walls help channel my Inner Diva and gives me a sense of strength. In a few words; It's VERY Lisa.

Ciao for now ladies and gents! And remember, creating a designated work space in your home (not your kitchen table) to be able to be creative and productive really is key, especially at times like this when trying to stay focused on the tasks at hand seems to be more difficult than ever before.

Have a great week! Cheers!


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1 Comment

Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor
Oct 06, 2020

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!

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