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Getting back into the SWIM of things

Hello all you fabulous people! February is here and you know what that means....Spring is right around the corner! I know, well, at least here in Texas it is although our weather in February is typically a little winter sprinkled with spring-like days. BUT, our latest round of spring-like weather got me all in a tizzy because SWIM SUIT SEASON is coming soon!

After a year that left us Netflixing and chilling on our sofas, and eating copious amounts of comfort food, the LAST thing most of us want to think of is Swim Suit season, but I'm here to help belay your fears and offer a little body positivity that we can ALL use right now.


This One Piece Suit was an impulse purchase last summer from Amazon. I was looking for a suit that would be slimming around the middle, hold in the girls, have a full coverage bottom, and come in a variety of color options.

This one is the Coffee Colored one, although online it looks black, as you can see, it's more chocolate brown. I paired it with this Leopard Print cover up so that it brings out the brown. What do I love about this suit? Well, here's the thing. We ALL have parts of our body that we think could use some improvement, or, if I'm being honest, we could just cover up completely when anywhere around a body of water, but since that's not really a feasible option, I believe in accentuating the positive while disguising the negative.

So, let's start with the back of this suit. The crossed straps help keep the girls up and in. Let's face it, we don't want any wardrobe malfunctions to happen. They give great support. (For reference I am a full C cup. And, the full coverage bottom means that my ass isn't hanging out cause nobody needs to see that.

Another great detail about this suit is the cinched in waist and god knows that at 57, I can use plenty of waist cinching!

You can see it fairly clearly in these photos. The cinching has an "illusion" effect so that it looks like a design element even though it is a slimming element so, no one is the wiser.

Another thing to keep in mind when donning a swimsuit is your accessories! I always wear a coverup and a hat, obviously because the Texas heat is blazing, but they also help to divert the eye, meaning not lingering too long on the suit by itself, but really taking in the whole package. Fabulous sunglasses, a stylish or kitchy beach bag, a large brimmed hat, or a fashionable coverup can all help you achieve this visual trick.

Another important thing to keep in mind is color. Make sure you choose a color that flatters your skin tone. I have an olive complexion so this bright red is quite flattering on me but if you're really light then perhaps not. At the end of the day, choosing a color or print that you feel comfortable in is key.

One last thing.....when in doubt, choose black! Black is a universally flattering color and increases the "slimming" effect of the suit.

Black is classic and slimming and that is definitely something to consider when choosing a swimsuit. I truly believe that women of any age or size will look amazing in this suit. Let me know! If you purchase it, tell me about your experience.

The absolute BEST thing about this suit is that it is under $30. So inexpensive that you can purchase a few, like I have. I've also linked several of the Cover-Ups that are also under $30 so you can get your whole look going for under $100 to include bag, sandals, sunglasses, and a hat!

So now, can someone point me in the direction of Cabo San Lucas? I'm so ready for a beach vacay!

Ciao! XOXO

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