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Destroyed Jeans Done Right

Recently I had a conversation with my sister about destroyed jeans and "women of a certain age." The question on the table; Should we or shouldn't we? Well, I say, of course we should!

I mean, there are things we probably shouldn't pair them with ie: crop tops or destroyed jean jackets, (you don't want to give off that Brittany/Justin head to toe denim vibe) and you wanna make sure there are no butt cheek sightings due to a rear-end slice that went array, but destroyed jeans are a definite staple in my closet and I think they can be both a daytime and a night time look.

For the daytime look, I reach for my go to blazer to be the foil for my hard working jean. Like straight man Dean Martin to funny man Jerry Lewis, I feel like a pair of deconstructed denim needs a structured look up top so a blazer adds just the right amount of seriousness. This linen blazer from Old Navy is a great neutral color and goes with everything. With a Shawl collar and ruched sleeves, it is THE most worn item in my closet since I bought it.

I've added my brand new latte colored mules from Marc Fisher, a small snakeskin, crossbody bag from Shein, and paired that with my Favorite New Babydoll Cami from Express which happens to be on sale right now for 50% Off!

I always like to add a hat and this one will gets tons of wear this summer.

When I want to take my destroyed denim out on the town the same adage "structure on top, party on the bottom" works here as well. So, out comes my go-to black blazer from Express.

If you're looking for a more budget friendly version, I found this one from H&M.

Factor in another appearance here by that favorite babydoll cami in black and then, to add a little bit of edgy glam, I slip on these Jessica Simpson booties. You can take a small black crossbody out with you or for a pop of color add a clutch and you're almost ready to hit the town. Last but not least, I always pile on the arm candy; and for this look I added this sparkly choker necklace. I will link some other necklace options for you Here and Here. Now, where is my girl squad and my glass of wine???

Cheers! XOXO

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