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Affordable Lounge Wear - My March Crush!

Hello my fabulous friends! How's everyone doing? The spring weather has sprung here in Austin and that means it's time to start the wardrobe transition process. For me, that means switching out my "working" closet ie: the master bedroom closet that I share with my husband, which, is NOT as big a I wish it was. It also means that those lounge sweats and hoodies need t get put away until fall ...but what do we replace those comfy, loungy, outfits with during this time? Well, not to worry! I found the perfect lounge wear set for under $45.00 at Amazon!!

Okay.....what do I love about this 3 piece set? Well, first of all is the lightweight material. It's thin but has good coverage. It's also ribbed which adds interest to the simplicity of the design. I am 5'8 so finding this style of "pajama" bottoms that go all the way to the floor is typically a bit of a challenge but these pants are long. Easy pull on with a bit of elastic, but not strangling around your waist.

The only draw back that I could see for some women is that it comes with a cropped tank top.

I'm not a member of the flat tummy crowd so I get it but you can always just get a full length ribbed tank to wear with it instead and it's still worth the $41.00 price tag. HERE is another option for a full length tank.

It is super comfy and perfect for hanging out on our deck sipping wine or watching a movie now that the spring weather has arrived.

I love it so much that I'm thinking of picking it up in these two additional colorways. The Rose Red is $36.98 and the Dark Gray is $41.98.

For reference again, I am 5'8 and weigh 135 lbs. I am a 34C cup and the size Medium fits me loosely, which is what I wanted.

Now, as an added bonus, I'm going to share with you two books that I've just finished reading while donning my fabulous lounge set.

This first one is SO right up my alley as a lover of True Crime. It's the story about how Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci, plotted to kill her husband, the grandson of renowned fashion designer Guccio Gucci. Soon to be a major motion picture starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, it's a scintillating story of excess, fashion, and unhappy endings.

This second book was phenomenal. I have been reading Danielle Steel since I was a teenager and it's unbelievable that she is still putting out intriguing books with wonderfully colorful characters that have great storylines.

These were both a great way to escape all the "stuff" going on in the world right now. Pick them both up at Amazon.

So...get ya some loungewear and enjoy a fabulous afternoon either submerged in a warm bath with a glass of wine or chilling on your sofa. Either way, treat yourself. YOU....deserve it!

Cheers ladies!

Ciao! XOXO

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