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Why I am a Cabi Girl

Updated: May 13, 2020

Picture a bunch of friends sitting in your living room, mimosas flowing, some appetizers over on your kitchen table, and a clothing rack filled to the brim with fabulous clothes! This is what a Cabi Party looks like. If you've not experienced one, I can steer you in the right direction, but it is one great way to spend a random Saturday or Sunday afternoon with several of your besties.

The fun starts with your local Cabi representative coming into your home with bags full of the latest pieces in the current line. You and your gals will then be given a showing with each piece being described by your Cabi representative. (Think old school Tupperware parties, but with clothes) After she has gone over the line piece by piece you get the opportunity to try on anything that you fancy to see how it fits and what it looks like on your body. You and your friends can even help style outfits for each other while you decide which pieces you want to order. Tying on the pieces with things already in my closet is also something that is fun for me so I can see how they will incorporate into my wardrobe.

All in all, an afternoon spent with my girlfriends shopping and sipping prosecco in the comfort of my home is a pretty successful day and one well spent. And the clothes are all so cute! These two pieces are a couple favorites from a recent party. The first one, the Festival Tank is a fantastic color green with ruffles on the sleeves that keep it looking very feminine. It's a perfect summer top for jeans. capris, a skirt or shorts.

This two piece set, the Daisy Dress, a slip dress and duster, can be worn so many different ways so that makes it very versatile. Above, I wore it as a top and duster with white jeans, and here I am wearing it as the slip dress and duster with some cute kitten heels.

There are so many great choices out there for affordable clothing, why not add Cabi Clothing to your mix? Click here for more info on how to find a Cabi representative in your area. Stay Chic Ladies!

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