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Why Blazers are a girl's best friend

Hi, my name is Lisa and I have a blazer problem. There, I said it. And I wish I had a closet the size of Texas because I seem to amass more and more things that are somehow supposed to fit in my increasingly small closet....but I digress. Back to blazers.

They are a closet staple and every gal worth her salt should own at least one. They are so versatile and can add a touch of class, or a bit of drama to any outfit. Take this simple. classic, black blazer.

It's got ruched sleeves, a great length, and it's on sale right now for 50% off at Express!

It's great with crops or jeans, and would be the perfect addition for that little black dress. Workwear or party time, a classic black blazer is a must have.

Now in the summertime, there is nothing better than a linen blazer. Throw it over your shoulders for that touch of flair and you're ready to mingle.

This Navy version below is from Old Navy and it's only $40 bucks! That's a downright steal for this perfect summer wardrobe addition. I know this blog post is suppose to center around blazers but I would be remiss in my fashionista duties if I didn't say something about this fabulous linen tank from Express. It is also on sale right now for 50% off and it comes in 6 different colors and I have ALL OF THEM!

Now, if you're going to have a black one, you just have to get a white one too!

This version has 3/4 length sleeves, is unadorned, with a shawl collar and will be perfect over any floral sundress. It would also be a great addition to your travel wardrobe.

And finally, this blazer from Express is ah-mazing!! It is very similar to the very expensive Balmain version but for a quarter of the price. It's beigey, oatmeal color is a perfect neutral to offset those summer tanks and maxi dresses and the buttons add that little something extra. And we all know I love me some XTRA!!!

Cheers ladies!


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1 commentaire

Ravine Woods
Ravine Woods
31 mai 2020

Lisa, great post! I am going to try the linen tank even though I fear the spaghetti straps. I just placed my order!

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