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Spring Refresh

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Hello to all my frozen friends!

If you're in Texas, then you know what I'm talking about although, I'm pretty sure that most of the USA is feeling this recent blast from the great white north.

All the more reason to think about doing a spring refresh to not only your wardrobe, but to your home as well!

Don't worry, I've got some great things for you to add to your spring closet to give you a boost of color and style as well as some fabulous home decor items that you may want to incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

Let's go!

First up, a budget friendly dress clocking in at $39.00 that is super versatile and looks great on all body types.

This spaghetti strap dress is lightweight and has all over ruching, which means it has a LOT of stretch.

It looks great on it's own, but I love to play with dimension so adding something cropped over it, like a jean jacket, helps keep that casual feel, but in a chic way.

Add some wedge heels and a hat, (come on, you knew that was coming) along with an oversized tote, (again, for dimension) and you're effortlessly chic!

She also works if you want to dress her up. To do that, I added a yellow cropped blazer, (no longer available) but linked a similar one HERE.

I decided to play up that color combo so I also added these yellow mules, some yellow earrings, and a pair of yellow tinted sunnies.

With the bag, I wrapped a yellow scarf aroud the top handle and then tied it off to add that pop of color.

A little stying trick that you can do with just about any handbag if you want to incorporate color to your outfit.

Now, you're ready for Date Night or Girls Night Out!

This fabulous dress also comes in red, which is a favorite color of mine.

Perfect for Valentine's day or A holiday gathering, she is ready to serve some looks.

Here, I topped her off with a bold print trench coat, however, this one is no longer available.

But, this one is one that would work great over this plain, simple dress.

She needs a little something, and a statement trench would up the ante.

These heels are also statement makers,

with bows on the front of one, and on the heel of the other. They are super cute and unexpectadly comfortable. Heels $51.00

With such a bold trench and heels, you'll want to keep your bag and sunnies simple so going with all black works here.

The sunnies are a favorite amazon pair, and the bag is one that I picked up on Rebag for a fraction of what a new Dior would cost.

BTW - If you're looking to purchase a designer bag, Rebag is a great place to do it. They are gently used, with most in excellant condition, for a fraction of what retail costs.

Now, here is a spring ready top that really speaks to me. She had me with the drama sleeves! (Tank style but whatever!)

The sweetheart neckline is to die. The peplum hem covers everything you want it to and the bold red color is fabulous.

If bold red isn't your thing, she also comes in black and dark forest green AND, she's on sale for $49.99.

Shoes and sunnies linked above.

If you want to dress her up then pair her with a flirty hem skirt as seen here.

I LOVE a monochromatic look so keeping everything red is my jam.

Red Skirt (similar) Red Mules

This top comes in purple as well, and of course I had to have both.

I added these low heeled mules, perfect for summer BTW.

Kept the accesories in the purple family with this Crushed Velvet Fendi Baguette (another Rebag purchase) and purple lens sunnies.


Now, let's talk home decor.

After the holidays, I wanted to give my home a spring refresh and so of course, Amazon and Target were my go to places to find some great items, within my budget.

Here are a few things that I added to my cart:

I wanted to create a coffee station between our Keurig Coffee Maker and large Espresso Machine so first things first, I needed some sort of shelf.

I found this marble and brass shelf at Target for $25.00. It looks high end and matches our marble countertops wonderfully.

I added this clear glass jar $6.00 for some chocolates, and the sugar bowl & creamer set $19.95.

At Amazon I picked up this cute Espresso Cup Set $25.00 and these small Stainless Steel Espresso Spoons $14.99

The Monte Carlo Cup set was bought in Monte Carlo when we visited last summer.

I also needed a new tea kettle. The one I had was stainless but it had scorch marks on it, so it went to Goodwill and I replaced it with this new Stainless & White one. $39.99.

She looks clean and Farmhouse-ish to me. (so yeah, I made up a word)

On our travels in Europe I picked up some beautiful bowls that I wanted to display so I thought that I'd create a little book nook for our most used cookbooks, and that way I could display my bowls from Valencia, Rome, and most recently, St. Barth's. This amazing Cheese Board was a gift from friends, so I used it as the anchor piece. (Here is a similar piece)

From Pottery Barn, I added this Plain White Ceramic Vase $49.50 as a book end and placed the bowls on the other side. Pop in some faux white silk hydrangea stems $17.99 and Book Nook.

Another great addition to your spring, a Vinglace Wine Chiller!

The spring weather calls for bubbles and this chiller is perfect for days out on the boat, sitting by the pool, or just hanging out on your patio with friends.

Pop your bottle of La Marca inside and it will stay super cold for hours, even in the hottest Texas sun. Trust me! It's been road tested!

It comes in a myriad of colors, and as a gift set that includes two insulated wine tumblers as well.

For a Galentine's Gift, or just for yourself, this is a gift that you'll use over and over again.

Last but not least, my brand new favorite everyday cooler cup from Stanley.

One of my resolutions was to DRINK MORE WATER!

I read an article that said we women should be drinking at least 90 ounces of water a day so I figured I needed a cup that would help me keep track.

I found these two Stanley Cups that would do the trick.

The one with the handle is a 40 oz cup, it fits in most car cup holders, and comes in 4 colors.

The other one is a 20 oz cup without a handle and also comes in 4 colors.

Your choice, depending on how many times a day you want to fill it up.

Both are stainless steel insulated, so they will keep ice water cold for up to 30 hours. They come with a strong straw (removable for cleaning purposes)

Both can also be used for coffee.

Okay, time for me to skeedadle.

Hopefully, I've inspired you to do your own spring refresh, whether it be to your closet, your home, or to your body.

Before you know it, March will be here and at least now, I'm well prepared for all that glorious weather. In the meantime, stay warm and cozy, and binge something amazing.

BTW - I've just started The Last of Us on HBO Max. Wow!

If you like post apocalyptic type shows, with zombies and a killer virus, then this will be right up your alley. It's really good.

Okay, adios my friends!




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