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My Favorite Time of Year!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hello friends! How's everyone doing? I know, we have a ton of stuff going on in the world right now what with a BIG election coming up, still under partial Covid restrictions, no live music playing again yet, AND the weird way that we are going to have to maneuver through the holidays this year....BUT...this is still my favorite time of the year!

Why you ask? Well, I'm gonna tell you. First and foremost, it's my birthday month. Having said that, it's unbelievable to me that I will be turning 57 years old this weekend however; I FEEL amazing and healthy and am wonderfully content and happy in my life, so 57 can SUCK IT! LOL. You gotta just laugh it off and keep on looking forward right? So, here's to 57!! Cheers!

Second reason I love this time of year? Well, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it's right around the corner. Like literally people, it's 43 days until Turkey Day and I can already taste all the deliciousness that my sister and nieces will be cooking up. (I DO NOT cook Thanksgiving and many people are appreciative of that, trust me)

This outfit here is something I may be wearing to the Thanksgiving festivities. This Vegan Leather Blazer from Express is a recent purchase and I absolutely love it! It comes in this fab camel color but also in black and right now it's 50% OFF!

It runs true to size, I'm wearing a size 6 for reference ( because boobs ) and it's great slung over your shoulders or the standard way.

I've put it over my Black Fluffy Sleeve Blouse because we all know how much I love sleeve drama and in the photo above, I've ruched up the blazer sleeves so that you can see my blouse sleeves peeking out.

I've paired these with a pair of Coated Black Jeans from Express, also on sale right now for 60% Off!

I am also wearing a pair of my favorite Black Booties by Jessica Simpson that I picked up last season from DSW.

Another option would be switching out the vegan leather blazer for a Beige Linen Blazer like this one. This particular one is sold out but Amazon has a fabulous Blazer Cardigan that is the a great oatmeal color and would be perfect over an all black ensemble like this one.

Throw on a Black Cami instead of the blouse and it has a bit more of a casual chic feel.

Well, and if you know me you know that I love my accessories so I would add this retro Black Fedora topper that comes in about 40 different colors and styles at Amazon and then I'd throw on a Leopard Print Scarf just because it's cool.

Add some Oversized Black Shades, VERY Hollywood, and you're all set to make your grand entrance, if that's what you're all about that is. And of course, I AM!

Additional reasons to love this time of year is Halloween, the fall weather, the smell of pumpkin spice or cinnamon apples (Whichever you prefer. Personally, I love both because they just reek of fall to me) in the air, and of course, Christmas!

I will be doing a special Christmas edition blog of all my home décor once I pull it all out and get the house ready for the holiday, but for now I want to show you another recent arrival to the Taylor Crestview Farmhouse that I can't WAIT to wear!

How stinkin fabulous are these BOOTS!!!???

I ran across them while perusing the local Nordstrom one rainy afternoon and it was love at first sight!

The Sam Edelman Olina Patchwork Boot is going to be a favorite of mine for years to come. I love the patchwork detail and the odd shaped heel adds that little something that made my heart skip a beat when I saw them. Of course, these would be perfect for any Holiday gathering that I may ( or may not :) ) be attending.

Just add a oversized, slouchy red sweater with some cool puffy sleeves and a pair of dark wash skinny jeans (these are on sale for 50% Off at Express ) and you're ready to entertain or just hang out on your patio sipping champagne and reveling in how smart you were to purchase these fab boots for yourself! Ha!

I will leave you with one last reason why this time of year is my favorite. This time of year has always represented family & friends to me. Being single for the over 25 years that I was, and serving in the military for almost 30 years and being away from family and friends, taught me how very important it is to surround yourself with people that you not only value and love, but people that lend things to your world like empathy for other humans, wisdom of the world and life outside of our little bubble, an appreciation for differences in others, a love of learning and continued growth, and a love for each other. My family and friends mean EVERYTHING to me and my life has been enhanced and enriched because of them.

So I will leave you with this......make sure that you vote. Vote for the future that you want for your family. Vote for the future that you want for your children. Vote, for all the military members that fought to ensure that you have that right to do so.

Hugs and Kisses. Cheers!


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