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To Top it Off

Updated: May 13, 2020


And scarves, belts, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, watches......accessories! I love that I can add a hat to an outfit and it just seems to give it more OOOMPH!

I have a collection of hats for almost any occasion, a beautiful case that houses my collection of watches, and I won't even start with how many handbags I have. But, I don't like to spend a lot of money on accessories so I mostly buy inexpensive, cute bags that just complete an outfit. And because I have a habit of leaving them places, I don't buy expensive sunglasses either. You can pick up a perfectly great pair for $20 or less on Amazon. Belts, scarves, and an armful of bracelets can also be something that you can add to your collection of accessories to round out your personal style without breaking the bank.

For me, putting on an outfit without adding accessories is like drinking a Margarita without tequila. Accessories are a great way to put a stamp on your personal style.

No matter the occasion, there is always a reason to add a fabulous topper. Be bold. Be creative. Be matchy-matchy if that is your style. Wear the same style hat but in different colors and materials. Or switch it up like I do. Don't ever be afraid to be bold and fabulous!

If you want to stand out, make a statement, or just hate the way your hair looks today, grab a hat and strut on out the door. And don't forget your sunglasses! Stay Chic Ladies!

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