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Lounge Wear or Luxe Wear?

It's a good guess that by now you've discovered you really don't have enough lounge wear in your closet. Having been on rotation 24/7 since early March, you may be sick of looking at and/or wearing those same few pairs of leggings, but I am here to help!

Let me just say upfront that I have high expectations of my loungewear. First and foremost, it needs to be comfy. Secondly, it must be stylish. And lastly, it should be versatile. I mean, I can put on some baggy sweat-pants but would rather invest in something that can go from my couch to cocktails with just a few slight adjustments.

This snake print set from Express checks all the boxes when it comes to lounge wear so that lounging at home never looked so good. Express used this same print on several different things like this great jumpsuit and this comfy slip dress all of which are on sale right now for 40% OFF so if you're in love with snake print, they've got you covered.

Now, back to this lounge wear set. It's so versatile that you can wear these two pieces together and look smashing, or seperate them for an updated, loungy, sexy, look. Let's start with wearing them together. If it's time to go run errands, grab your face mask and throw on a ball cap and some flip flops and you're all set.

Last minute Happy Hour invitation? No problem! The fabulous off the shoulder top is on sale for 40% OFF right now, and can be paired with some cute black crop jeans and a pair of high heeled mules for a chic, effortlessly stunning cocktail outfit. Add a small tote bag and throw on your favorite jewelry (for me, it's always about the arm candy) and BAM!! Margarita time!

If it's date night then you can jazz these snake print joggers up with this much worn babydoll cami from Express which is also on sale for 40% OFF right now, and your favorite pair of black booties. These ones are from my last spin through DSW which feels like it was about a grillion years ago. And if you've read any of my other blogs yet, then you know that I LOVE me some blazer action and this outfit is begging for a little black one thrown over your shoulder, just in case. I picked this one up at Express but if you want a more budget friendly version, here is one at Old Navy.

Once your evening is done, and you get home, getting back into your comfy lounge wear is easy because you're half way there with this little ensemble. For luxe lounging this set takes the cake, and I'm here for it!

Cheers my friends! XOXO

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